1. Why isn’t my favorite night spot on the network?

Each club owns a software license that allows them to join the network. If your club is not listed and you would like to see them on FUSEN, please click the Contact Us link and send us the name and address.

2. Can any club join the FUSEN network?

Yes, FUSEN is designed for clubs of all types.

3. How does a club join the FUSEN network?

Any club may purchase a software license, which will allow them access to the FUSEN network.

4. Who controls the content shown for each club?

Fusen, Inc. is only responsible for the initial set up. Once added to the network, each club is responsible for maintaining the content shown for his or her business.

5. What is my profile information used for?

The information in your profile is used by each club to communicate directly with you. You will receive push notifications for upcoming events, emails to confirm guest list requests or even a phone call to verify table reservations. It is important that this information is as accurate as possible.

6. How do I receive news of upcoming events and parties at my favorite clubs?

Click on network, find your club, select your club and select the “follow” button for your favorite club.

7. How do I get on the Guest list for a particular evening?

Guest lists are compiled daily. On the day you would like to request guest list access, click “Guest list” from the News section of your favorite club.

8. When I request to be added to a guest list, am I automatically added?

No, each club confirms or denies guest list requests each day. If you are confirmed, you will receive and push notification and or email verifying you have been added to the guest list for that evening.

9. Do I have to check in each time I visit a club?

No, but club’s designate VIP status based on number of “check-in” a patron obtains. Checking in only helps you obtain VIP status.

10. What devices is Fusen available on?

Fuse is available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

11. I only like certain music, can I search for clubs based on the genre of music I like?

Yes, FUSEN allows you to filter clubs based on music genre. After you sign up, select the musical genre’s of your liking in the settings tab of the FUSEN app.

12. How do I know which clubs are on the FUSEN network?

FUSEN will show you any club within a 60 miles radius of your current location.

13. Why is checking important?

Checking in gives the club notification of your arrival. Often, clubs send push notifications for drink specials to FUSEN users that have checked in. Checking in also allows you to use the video streaming function in the app (subject to availability).

14. How do I obtain VIP status?

VIP status is designated at the discretion of each club. Clubs are notified each time you check in and best practices are that Clubs distinguish their VIP guests based on the number of times they have checked in.