Fusen, Inc. is a start-up software company founded in Atlanta, GA in 2013. Founded upon the principal of “bringing it all together”, Fusen, (pronounced FU·SEN) is an attempt to bring your night life together.

If you have the desire for a night out on the town, guest-list privileges, and/or VIP service, FUSEN should be able to provide for your planning needs.

Our vision is to install our software in every club, lounge and bar on the planet so that you, the user will have an App that will enhance your clubbing experience no matter where you travel. We hope that you enjoy our product and that you will remain a loyal Fusen User as we build our network throughout Atlanta, the state of Georgia, the east coast and beyond. Thank you in advance for your support.

Special thanks to all that made this possible: DI, DJ, MOM, CAF, DMF IF2, IF3, REF & KM